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Have you decided to extend your house in Windermere and don't know where to start? J Brownell & Son Ltd in Windermere has what you need and is ready to help. We look forward to hearing from you. Highly trained builders are available at J Brownell & Son Ltd to answer all your house extensions questions. By calling J Brownell & Son Ltd on 01539 446555, you can learn more about house extensions.

J Brownell & Son Ltd Helps You Learn More About House Extensions in Windermere

This article is a valuable resource for those interested in house extensions in Windermere. First, you'll need some information, such as: some pointers on planning permission, what you need to know about Building Regulations and we're also happy to suggest some common house extension ideas, such as lofts and kitchens.

What You Need to Know About Planning Permission in Windermere and What is Involved

It becomes necessary, when considering construction or house extension, to protect both the local environment and public interest in Windermere. By enacting strict control over building and development, it becomes possible to allow progress without compromising the character of the Windermere area. You will find that official planning permission is not necessary for those house extension changes that do not affect the appearance of the house. If the planned extension does necessitate permission, it is suggested that you advise your neighbours before the council does. Moving forward, you will need to fill out applications, find out more about Building Regulations, adhere to the Party Wall Act and find out if you own a listed building.

About Building Regulations in Windermere

Both planning permission and Building Regulations have separate sets of requirements in Windermere. Building Regulations provide acceptable levels of health and safety for those who live and work in them or are disabled. As new laws come into force in Windermere, these regulations change to keep up with them. These regulations apply to most building work, whether it's inside or outside the building. It is important to receive approval on all new buildings, extensions and additions before the work starts.

House Extensions in Windermere

There are different ways you can extend the living space of your house in Windermere. Loft conversions convert the loft into a living or functional space. With kitchen extensions it's possible to extend counters and cabinet space for food preparation, cooking, storage and cleaning. There are many reasons to build a conservatory for your home, for example to create a playroom, dining room, breakfast room, entertainment centre or library. Details concerning these types of conversions can be found at J Brownell & Son Ltd in Windermere.

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